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Redesigning the web experience for FCA to help those with disabilities drive again.

FCA Automobility


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As the first automaker to enter the mobility marketplace, FCA’s Automobility initiative to help those with disabilities drive again was a big challenge for our team. Our agency was tasked with redesigning the web application.


Primary UX/UI Designer - Responsible for Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Visual Design and Branding.


Aug - Dec 2016


The client wanted to help customers make informed decisions when it comes to picking the right adaptive vehicle and equipment for their everyday need. There are a lot of factors that go into deciding to buy an up adaptive vehicle and/or equipment. The goal was to help customers find quick answers to these questions and bring awareness to the reimbursement program. Which vehicle is right for them based on their needs? Is vehicle X compatible with equipment Y? Are they eligible for reimbursement?

I started on the project by learning more about the existing solution. Looking at the existing website, It was evident there was a lot of room for improvement. The visual design was outdated, the website was not mobile friendly, and it did not offer clear information about which vehicles are compatible with certain equipment that users are looking for.

Automobility web experience at that time


I created user flows and low-fidelilty prototypes which was presented to the Product Manager and Client to and gather feedback. With the redesign we wanted to present all the information in an intuitive manner where users can quickly browse around and find what they need.

We also wanted to showcase stories (in a video format) from current customers with disabilities. In that case, users with similar disabilities would have contextual information when making a purchasing decision.

Low-fidelity wireframes & information architecture for the new version.


After multiple iterations of low-fidelity prototypes I was given the green light to move onto high-fidelity designs for the project. For the high-fidelity design, I went for a minimalistic look and feel. I had tons of high-quality images and videos (courtesy of our amazing production team) to work with which helped showcase the customer story and the product.

Visual trends come and go, I stayed away from using anything that takes the focus away from the content. Having previously worked with FCA brand guidelines helped me in the design process as well.

SImple design with a clear structure and message.

Vehicle compatibility chart for finding the right vehicle.

Customer stories adding a personal touch while showcasing vehicle/equipment use case.


The client was extremely happy with the redesign it resulted in a 500% increase in user engagement on the website within the upcoming months. The website also won multiple accolades including the 2017 HERMES PLATINUM AWARD. Working on this product was truly an unforgettable experience for me and I am really proud of our team and the end result.