GameStop Marketplace

NFT Marketplace on Loopring and Immutable X


In April 2021, GameStop launched its blockchain initiative with the goal building an NFT Marketplace. Notably, the platform stood out by prioritizing Ethereum layer 2s (Loopring then imx) right from the start. This decision was driven by the sky-high network fees on Ethereum at the time, as the company sought to create a more user-friendly marketplace that would enable users to save money on transaction fees by supporting multiple layer 2s.

The marketplace is currently live As an added bonus, I was able to use my 3D skills to create the first NFT on the platform when it was released.


Product Designer - UX/UI


April 2021- Present

Key Feature Highlights:

- Segmentation of flows for wallet and non-wallet users, with redirection to the GameStop wallet for new users

- Prompts for layer 2 account activation before purchase

- Intuitive collection page with easy search and filtering

- Responsive UI closely integrated with the GameStop wallet