Taiko Bridge

Testnet Bridge for a ZK rollup.


As part of the Taiko's testnet launch, I was responsible for designing the UI and UX for their bridge. My goal was to simplify the process of transferring test erc-20 tokens from Takio L1 to Taiko L2 for users. To accomplish this, I created a flexible UI that adhered to best design practices, ensuring that the bridge was user-friendly on both desktop and mobile devices.


Product Designer - UX/UI


Nov 2022- Nov 2022


During the testnet launch, approximately 10,000 users utilized the bridge to move tokens. For more information, visit https://taiko.xyz/.

Key Feature Highlights:

- Upon wallet connection, users are prompted to add the two available Taiko test networks to the bridge.

- The processing fee is set to a recommended default, alleviating concerns about transaction stalling.

- Advanced users have the option to select a custom fee and receive notification of potential risks.

- Contextual transaction information is available to the user at all times.